How much do flowers cost?

FAQs: What is the starting price for our top three event flower designs?

Ever since we first opened Hybrid Flowers in 2004 we have received all manner of enquiries from individuals, companies and corporations looking for bespoke floral embellishments for their upcoming events. Many of these enquiries have been followed by the same question;

Oh hi, my company is holding their annual summer party in June and we would like some flowers for it. Please can you send me your brochure?.

Even after all these years we wriggle about in our seats, have a moment of self doubt and then pull ourselves together before proudly stating;

We would love to hear more about your event but I am afraid we don’t have a brochure.

The decision not to issue brochures is not one that we entered into lightly. In fact, we used to  provide our clients with brochures that boasted all manner of gorgeous floral arrangements which captured the essence of many event designs.

How much do flowers cost brochure

However, we soon discovered that these ‘off the shelf’ brochures simply did not match the bespoke nature of our business. And we are very happy about this particular failure – as it meant that we were right! It proved once and for all that all of our years spent meticulously designing each floral arrangement from scratch was really the only way to do it.

Lessons in Professional Floristry

Over the years, our team of professional florists have combined our extensive training, on-the-job experiences and personal design flair in order to design bespoke floral arrangements for all of our clients. Here are some of our exclusive tricks of the trade that we have discovered along the way:

Lesson 1: Do not create a brochure if you are an event florist of the bespoke variety

When it comes to designing a floral arrangement for an important event or special occasion, people want fresh, new and completely bespoke designs. And we are very happy to comply!

As such, we have often found that those who ask for our non-existent brochure are actually asking – how much?

Our Chairman is holding a VIP lunch for 150 guests. How much?

We would like this ballroom turned into a winter wonderland…. how much?

As is to be expected, people can often feel uncomfortable when it comes to talking about money, and in truth so do we. Unfortunately, there isn’t a lovely round number we can simply fire back in an instant. In these instances, the perfect solution is to treat each event individually and to talk with our clients about how we can help bring their event design ideas to life.

Lesson 2: Do not conduct your entire design service over email!

When it comes to designing bespoke floral arrangements, we always pick up the phone or arrange to meet with our clients face to face. By doing so, we can quickly and easily determine the client’s overall style, how much of an impact they want their floral arrangements to make, what types of designs have worked well for them in the past, as well as how important flowers are to their event.

These are all important questions that can be easily answered over the phone or in person rather than in countless emails that can often lead to confusion!

Lesson 3: Provide ballpark costs for items and stick to them

Let’s get down to it; how much do event flowers really cost? After all, there is only so much talking you can do before the question of cost arises. Clients planning a momentous event will often be tied to a strict budget so it is important that we can present them with clear and concise costs of how much they should be prepared to spend in order to achieve their floral objectives.

Some examples of our best selling event designs and their starting prices include:

  • Low Level Table Centre: starts from £55.00+VAT
  • Tall Table Centre: starts from £75.00+VAT
  • Focal Piece on a Plinth: starts from £200.00+VAT

When it comes to creating beautiful bespoke event designs, our florists use a combination of taste, instinct, expertise and science in order to price  individual stems, containers and the time of our professional florists. In this manner, we can provide each of our clients with a ‘starting cost’ and a ballpark range within which we can design and deliver a bespoke floral arrangement that will seamlessly complement the needs and style of the event in question.

Just don’t ask us to give you a brochure!