3 remedies for florists

3 health issues florists suffer for the sake of bringing beauty to the world

If you ever find yourself wandering down Fulham Road you may hear tales of a man that some call ‘Jesus’. This modern day miracle worker is one of the best cranial osteopaths the world has ever seen and he regularly ‘fixes’ the team at Hybrid.

Every June there is a special box of over the counter tablets that we florists rely upon in order to bring beauty to the world. The non-drowsy version, we have discovered, is the most conducive to our heavily pollinated profession.

Over the years, each of us have found a special place we go to in order to stop, reflect, gain perspective, seek inspiration and guidance. A place that makes us feel grateful for what we have. After all, beautifying businesses, hotels, venues and special events can take its toll and the 3 health issues that we florists commonly suffer from are back pain, allergies and stress.

A Florist’s Fitness Plan

Despite appearances, we florists are a tough bunch. A unique combination of pretty flower lover, creative trendy design type and weight lifter. Yes, although most flowers are light as a feather, bundle a few hundred stems together into massive buckets and you have a completely different story!

From carrying crates of flowers up five flights of stairs when the lifts are broken, to expertly packing vans to within an inch of their lives with heavy trees and stone planters as well as setting out giant table centrepieces in record speed, these demanding daily tasks can take their toll on the body.

Beginners luck

The early years of a florist’s career are a breath of fresh air when you are young, invigorated and invincible to the powers of pollen. However, it’s a cruel world when you devote 20 years of your life to your craft and then your immune system decides, “you know what? I reckon that innocent looking flower lying in the back of the van is a threat to me, so I am going to react with to it with a vengeance!”.

3 Florist Health Issues Allergy

And it is the unusual types we fear the most – not just the regular lily or daisy family flower. Within less than a few hours of tending to and transporting obscure mystery flowers, our eyes swell up so much that we look like we have just experienced a particularly fraught and emotional punch up.

Only through trial and error, and constant exposure to some of the most random plants or leaves in existence, have we made a list of flowers that each of us old sensitive types should avoid (or rather ask someone else young and enviable to work with) whilst we seek solace, fresh air and miracles of the non-drowsy variety.

How To Annoy A Florist In 10 Words Or Less

Simply say “it must be so relaxing working with flowers every day!”. You may receive a slight grimace and a twitch in the eye as your only response.

Although it may seem on the surface to be a calming profession, for floristry to truly be relaxing and stress free the flower fairies would need to bestow us with magic wands alongside our first ever pair of scissors that would grant us the power to stop time, control the weather and part traffic at a moment’s notice.

3 Florist Health Issues Traffic

Our magical powers would also need to extend to conjuring up perfectly coloured, scented and open (not too little, not too much) flowers from all four corners of the globe at just the right moment!

3 Florist Health Issues Magic Wand

Oh and a bottomless pot of gold.

So, suggest that it must be so exciting, interesting or even challenging to be a florist and you will be sure to receive a much more open and enthusiastic response alongside many, many mind boggling stories!

Three Fast-Acting Remedies For Florists

At the end of the day, we florists love bringing beauty to the world so we are willing to endure whatever allergies, back pain and stress that nature, the elements and the local traffic report choose to throw at us. To help you pursue your own horticultural interests, here are the Hybrid prescribed treatments for said ailments as follows:

  1. The cranial osteopath: Philip Waldman at Chelsea Natural Health (tell him we sent you)
  2. The over the counter tablets: Claratin Non Drowsy (why do they make a drowsy version anyway?)
  3. The destination: A holiday, anywhere at all (where else!?)

3 Florist Health Issues Holiday