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Where flowers meet design

From our busy London flower studio, we have the daily privilege of creating the most exquisite floral designs for the city’s events, parties, weddings, hotels and offices. You could even say that we’re keeping London blooming in our own special way.

 All our work is bespoke, tailored, custom-designed. Mass market is not in our floral vocabulary. You are a one-off, your business is unique, your event is special, and we reflect that in our flowers. It’s all in the detail.


We love a party, and London’s vibrant event scene sees us creating fabulous flowers for events big, small and simply spectacular…


Love in the city calls for nothing less than the most stylish and romantic flowers imaginable, designed by us for you and only ever for you …


Though we say it ourselves, we are quite simply the masters of stylish corporate and hotel flowers that last beautifully…


We give London a generous helping of Hybrid sparkle every Christmas with the most beautifully decorated trees, windows, garlands, wreaths and festive parties…


Our thoughts, musings and insights into the beautiful, floral world of Hybrid